Florida Man Shot By Dog, Police Rule Shooting Accidental. Once again, another absurd story from the Great weird State of Florida. I love Florida, it always gives me great material to work with.

This was no accident! Here’s the story, an unloaded .380 caliber pistol was suddenly found loaded and the dog “supposedly” accidentally kicked the weapon in just the right spot, to pull the trigger and shot the dude in the leg. Who the f–k do you think loaded the gun? The dog of course. Who else could it have been? and what had this guy done to the dog where it felt it had no choice but to shoot it’s owner?

These cases where a dog has been reported to shoot its owner have happened way too frequently to be attributed to just coincidence. It’s about time we wake up to the fact and come to the realization that our loyal canine companions will only put up with so much s–t before they decide to take matters into their own hands, or paws, whatever.

The Police ruled the shooting accidental and did not take the dog in for questioning. This was a very serious mistake. Dogs are very, very, cunning animals, that over thousands of years have learned to get exactly what they want from humans. Sometimes if you mistreat them they seek their own type revenge. I can say this with absolute certainty, as I have a dog, and I have studied him, as much as he studies me.

Once again, this is a story about how dogs are the greatest charlatans on the planet.
Of course, Fido offers unconditional love and all that. But, dogs also have a darker predator side. As long as you are not abusing your dog, and doing what the dog wants, e.g.- getting the dogs ball from under the couch, feeding them, petting them and letting them sleep on your bed, everything is cool. Stop fulfilling the dogs needs and the darker side of Fido comes out. I have created an educational video of our dog, Homer, to illustrate my point.

Keep in mind, our dog Homer was not injured or even annoyed at any time during the making of this video. This video definitively demonstrates the duel personalities of dogs. As you will notice, this 20 pound dog can turn on a dime from being a sweet loving dog who just wants to lick you, to being a 200 pound snarling werewolf.

So, now we have seen that dogs are perfectly capable of turning upon their owners if the right conditions present themselves. So how did the supposedly unloaded gun get loaded? I think that the answer is obvious. The dog decided that it had had enough. The dog obviously loaded the gun, while the dogs owner was totally unaware of the dogs true capabilities and motivations.

The guy was shot in the leg. Let me assure you the dog was aiming for far more then being shot in the leg. I am certain that the dog was going for a clean kill, somehow, something must have gone wrong. Maybe the truck hit a bump, or maybe it was something else.

The Police missed a perfect opportunity to confront this issue once and for all, by dismissing this as an accident, instead of what it truly was, attempted murder in the first degree. Obviously, this guy did something unspeakable to the dog, and it felt it had no choice, but to get rid of the owner once and for all.

This is your opportunity and a warning to treat your dog with the loving and respect that it deserves. I have demonstrated unequivocally, that under the right conditions, your dog can turn from being your unconditional loving companion, to the instrument of your destruction.

Dogs are far smarter then you know and deserve the same respect that you would give anyone else. Treat your dog right and it will provide you with unconditional love. Mistreat your dog and … well, you get the idea.

As always,

I am…
Tom Dye, The Safety Guy

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