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Profound Revelations is the first, and foremost, on-line magazine is devoted almost entirely to intelligent thought provoking articles concerning life, politics, and everything in-between. Which means that we essentially write about anything we damn well please.

Profound Revelations features new and original content which is updated several times per week.

The eclectic minds at; Profound Revelations, boldly ask the questions that you were afraid to ask, or didn’t think you actually wanted to know, that is until now.  

So, sit back, take your shoes off, make yourself at home, and enjoy.

We want to make it perfectly clear that, PROFOUND REVELATIONS IS NOT A FAKE NEWS SITE! Even though we occasionally write serious commentary and essays, most of our articles are loosely (OK, really, really, loosely, or not at all) based upon real absurd news headlines, or they are entirely made up, with absolutely no basis in reality.

However, all of Profound Revelations content is, reference sourced, and clearly identified as, Satire, Tales of the absurd, Politics, Opinion, etc. We never, ever try to pretend to be anything that we’re not.

The magazine is broken down into three distinct sections.

The Front page – Is our main feature section of the magazine. These are the most recent stories and commentary. We add new content several times per week.  

We only publish original, honest, thought provoking, commentary on; current events, politics, news commentary, original stories, essays and everything else that we find to be interesting, irritating, or just plain absurd.  

If you want to be notified when new articles are published, just enter your email address on the sidebar, and click “Subscribe” it’s that simple. will automatically notify you when new content is published. Don’t worry the site will not spam your email, and we don’t sell your give away email address to anyone, or use it for any other purpose.

Snarky Comments – Are short snarky commentary on actual, absurd or misleading headlines. These are items that did not quite make the cut to be transformed into full “Profound Revelations” but they still deserved our attention. 

Guest Authors – We periodically feature guest authors on Profound Revelations who have interesting and thought- provoking viewpoints. 

Do you have something to say? Then maybe you should consider becoming a guest author contact us for more information.

Profound Revelations is a proud member of HumorFeed the web’s premiere independent satire news and humor association.


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  1. Alison James

    Add slaughterhouses in which often immigrants legal and illegal work….for your Trump article.

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