Hot and Saucy Senior Sex At BBQ: Cops. When are the seniors citizens going to learn? Actually, I don’t blame this old couple, I blame society for not teaching senior citizens how their bodies are changing and they will have certain urges that have to be controlled. When are we going to learn that having a bunch of promiscuous senior citizens running around having sex wherever they please, is only going to lead to no good.

Try to picture this, Linda, 72 and Garry, 62 arrived in separate cars at some BBQ joint in the middle of the day on a Wednesday afternoon. The frisky seniors parked side by side in the BBQ joints parking and went inside to grab a bite to eat.

Shortly thereafter, the amorous senior citizens finished eating their BBQ they decided to get on the back seat of one of the their cars together, get naked and proceed to have sex in the backseat, in broad daylight, in full view of the patrons of the BBQ joint.

What the hell is the secret ingredient in this BBQ joint anyway? and where can I get some. Seriously there must be something in the food that would cause a couple of grey haired senior citizens to suddenly decide to rip off their clothes and go at it, right there in the parking lot in full view of everyone around. Furthermore why would they believe that anyone else around would enjoy watching a couple of senior citizens go at it in public anyway?

I am not a pharmacist so I have no idea what type of drug would cause a couple of conservative senior citizens to lose all inhibitions and have sex in public. I mean it must be something right? Even teenagers and horny twenty somethings are way more discreet then this cold couple.

There is another possibility that needs to be explored as well., Have you ever seen one of the small percentage of senior citizens who upon reaching a certain age seem to lose the social filters that almost all people possess?

Let me explain this more fully. Have you ever seen a senior citizen who just happens to say exactly what they are thinking without any thought regarding the ramifications of their words? These are the same people that will just cut in line in front of you at the grocery store or Walmart or wherever. They just don’t seem to even notice or acknowledge that you are even there.

Or, how about when you and your wife go visit old Grandpa, you knock at the door and after several minutes and shuffling sounds from inside, he finally opens the door. The first words out of his mouth when he looks at your wife is; “My God, you’re getting really fat, you need to start eating less” Do you think this couple could be this small subset of senior citizens? These type senior citizens believe that no matter how outrageous their words or actions are, they feel that they have the perfect excuse, their old, so they can do and say whatever they want.

I know this for fact as my Grandfather was like that and he told me that flat out one time. He told me that the best part of getting old, is you can do whatever you want, because you have the greatest excuse in the world, your old. He also used to say whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. Maybe you know someone like that as well.

Or, this would be really f–ked up. Maybe this couple are big fans of that Betty White show “Off Their Rockers”. Have you ever seen it? This is a show where a group of old people play pranks on unsuspecting twenty somethings. Just maybe they decided to take this pranking to a whole new level and maybe at the same time prove or dispel the old urban legend that you can make people go blind by witnessing something so traumatizing that it makes the vision centers of the brain shut down, such as seeing silver haired senior citizens having sex in a public place.

I still believe that we are not teaching our senior citizens about their changing bodies and desires. We should immediately petition our Congressmen and Senators, even the President, to demand that we make this mandatory education under Medicare. How many more of us have to be subjected to old silver haired senior citizens having sex in public places. How would you explain this to your young child? Our children are traumatized enough as it is.

On the other hand, Linda & Gerry, I sincerely hope that when I get your age, I have the same libido, desires and stamina that you guys have shown to the rest of us, even if it was against our will. Hopefully, I will be much more thoughtful and discreet, so I don’t needlessly traumatize those around me. I guess only time will tell.

The owner of the BBQ joint called the cops and the amorous gray haired senior citizens were ordered to get dressed and were each given a ticket for indecent exposure. Try explaining this to your grown children, not to mention their friends at the bridge club.

As always,

I am…

Tom Dye, The Safety Guy

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