No, Black Protesters Do Not Hate White People!

Written By: Tom Dye the Safety Guy - Sep• 24•16

No, Black Protesters Do Not Hate White People!

Right wing nut job, Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.) actually said: “The grievance in their mind, the animus, the anger they hate white people because white people are successful and they’re not,”

This is a blatant lie. and a patently false assumption!

Donald Trump actually suggested that drugs are “a very big factor” in the Charlotte protests on Friday.

Another blatant falsehood!

People I know personally at work were talking about how something should be done about the protesters.

These type of comments  ignorant and also totally miss the point!

These comments are just a couple of examples of the multitude of ignorant misconceptions, and outright lies told about why protests are occurring in Charlotte, and many other cities across America.

Seriously, can’t anyone see the stupidly obvious answer right in front of your faces? Do I really have to spell this out for you?

Black people do not hate white people. All any one wants is the same equal opportunity that everyone else has.

If you  want to stop the protests, stop shooting unarmed black males.

Does it get any more simple then this?

Black males are killed by Police at a 3:1 ratio as while males. This number is shocking. The videos I have watched are disturbing to say the least. When I was younger, If I was pulled over by the Police, they didn’t yell at me. or approach my vehicle with their guns drawn. Then again, I am not a black male.

Economic recovery and investments are being made in cities as well as small towns all across America. That is except within the black communities.

Is the answer becoming clearer now?

W.T.F., It the answer is perfectly clear. The Police should stop killing unarmed black males, and the revitalization of communities should include black communities as well.

I am going to use as an example the small town, and area that I live in. I live in Hernando, County Florida. According to the United States census  from July 2015, Hernando County has a population of; 178, 439 people.  90.4% are white and 5.4% are black.

I drive 65 miles to work each way so I have a lot of time to observe my surroundings. My observations are that a majority of people pulled over by the Police are black. Which is interesting as only 5.4% of the population is black. Are black drivers worse than white drivers? I find this doubtful.

There is a lot of improvements being done in Hernando County, new sidewalks, etc. But as far as I can tell not much improvements are being done in predominately black neighborhoods.

One can only assume that a similar pattern exists in cities and small towns all across the country.

My neighbors are political activists, and they have been working with the local black community. One of the issues they are trying to address is the unique problems of the local black neighborhoods.

Since this is the South, you see many black areas where people set-up smokers, and sell smoked barbecue. I have to say that this home-made barbecue is AMAZING, as well as affordable.

One of the issues my neighbors are working on with the black community and the City is to create new sidewalks, lighting and other improvements to create new sidewalks and paved, or concrete turn-offs, as well as easy licensing for these local entrepreneurs , so that these type of vendors can not only make a living, but create new economic opportunities, not only for their own neighborhood, bit for the entire town as well. .

These type of ideas would not only improve black areas but create new economic opportunities for the entire community.

Of course, this is just one local economic example. There needs to be  a whole slew of specific, tailored economic opportunities made available, depending upon the unique requirements of black communities all across America.

Economic development and investment capital needs to be made in black communities. Jobs, businesses, and infrastructure improvements needs to be made in black communities in equal footing as white communities.

Affordable business loans, job training, and economic investments in local communities lowers crime rates and creates economic opportunities for everyone, not just the black community, but for the entire community as a whole.

The solution is simple. Equal opportunities for all, creates the economic engine that integrates society as a whole.

Furthermore, The Police should not be pulling over black Americans at a rate any higher than white, Hispanic, or native Americans. Respect for one another as Americans goes a long way.

Do Black Americans hate white people? Of course not, all they want is the same thing that everybody else wants, and that’s “Equal Opportunity For All”

As, Always,

I Am,

Tom Dye, The Safety Guy


Terence Crutcher, Another Innocent Black Man Killed. This Has To Stop!

Written By: Tom Dye the Safety Guy - Sep• 20•16

Terence Crutcher, Another Innocent Black Man Killed. This Has To Stop!

Warning this article contains videos of graphic violence as well as inappropriate language.If you are easily offended, stop reading now.

On September 16, 2016, in broad daylight, The Tulsa, Oklahoma Police murdered an innocent unarmed black American. What the fuck is wrong with our country where this keeps happening. This has to stop and stop right now!

Let’s look at the  facts. According to News reports this entire incident started when Two 911 calls brought officers to the scene about 7:30 p.m. Friday.

The 911 caller from a woman who told the 911 dispatch that an abandoned vehicle was blocking the street and a man was running away, warning that it was going to blow up.

Warning that it was about to blow up?  What kind of bullshit is this? And how the fuck would she know that? Was it on fire? Did it have a big sign on it that said “I am a bomb?”

Certainly, I would have thought that the 911 dispatcher would have asked similar questions or was it the fact that a large black male was involved, somehow the answer to all these questions?

The second 911 caller reported: “Somebody left their vehicle running in the middle of the street with their doors wide open,” the caller said. “The doors are open, the vehicle is still running. It’s an SUV. It’s in the middle of the street, it’s blocking traffic.”

The second 911 call doesn’t sound anyway nearly as sinister.

There are several mechanical issues that could cause your car or SUV’s engine to still run,  but could still be dead on the road. Transmission troubles, Drive shaft issues, universal joints, rear differential issues, brakes locked up, etc.

Allegedly, according to the first officer (A female police officer) who arrived on the scene, she wasn’t even responding to this particular call, she was supposedly heading to a domestic violence call and she just happen upon the scene.

This statement raises a lot of red flags to me. If this Police officer was on the way to a domestic violence call, which is fairly serious as many people are seriously injured or killed in domestic violence issues every year what would stop for a vehicle stopped in the road? This statement requires a lot more investigation to confirm its validity.

According this Police Officer, She asked Crutcher whether the car belonged to him but got no response, the attorney said. Crutcher began walking toward her with his hands in his pockets. She politely asked Crutcher to take his hands out of his pocket while they were speaking. “He does comply and puts his hands out of his pocket, and then puts his hands up in the air, which she thought was a little bit strange under the circumstances,”

What is so fucking strange about this? All you have to do is put yourself in a black males shoes, and it would become perfectly clear why he would raise his hands up in the air. Many black males have been killed by Police Officers all over the country for far less offences than an SUV stopped in the middle of the road. I actually think that this was a good move on his part.

Once again, according the Police Officer, Crutcher continued to ignore Shelby’s questions about the vehicle and at one point walks toward the back of the police cruiser and puts his hands back in his pockets, the attorney said. Shelby called dispatch and was intent on arresting him because she thought he was under the influence of something, he said. She drew her gun and ordered Crutcher to get on his knees, which he refused to do, Wood said. He instead walked toward his car.

Sometime after or during this a bunch more Police Officers arrived upon the scene.

OK, only a few years ago, this would have been just another case of the Police Officers word against another dead man, who couldn’t speak for himself.

But in this age of cameras and video, we have an entirely new perspective. Here are two videos posted by the Tulsa, Police Department, that show an entirely different story.

Warning these videos show graphic violence. 

The First video, is from a Police helicopter flying overhead. The pilot can be heard saying that he looks like a bad dude, referring to Terence Crutcher. So the Police helicopter pilot flying overhead, can tell that Terence Crutcher is a bad dude.

Here’s a photo of that “Bad Dude”with his twin sister.

This undated photo provided by the Parks & Crump, LLC shows Terence Crutcher, right, with his twin sister Tiffany. Crutcher, an unarmed black man was killed by a white Oklahoma officer Friday, Sept. 16, 2016, who was responding to a stalled vehicle. (Courtesy of Crutcher Family/Parks & Crump, LLC via AP)

. (Courtesy of Crutcher Family/Parks & Crump, LLC via AP)

Terence was certainly a big dude, but he doesn’t look scary to me. Exactly what doe’s a “Bad Dude” look like anyway?

Here is a photo of a really, really, bad dude. He is arguably one of the most despicable Americans in modern times. Doe’s he look scary? Doe’s he look like a bad dude?


This is Timothy McVeigh, The Oklahoma City bomber. Oh wait! He’s not a black male is he?

What the fuck doe’s a bad dude look like anyway?

The videos clearly show that Terence Crutcher has his hands up in the air, and he was obviously unarmed. Furthermore, he posed no threat whatsoever to the Police Officers arriving upon the scene.

{UPDATE} The Tulsa Police claimed that they thought that Terence Crutcher was going to reach for something inside his vehicle. 

Thus is an outright lie told by the Tulsa Police Department. Terence Crutcher could not have possibly been reaching for something inside his vehicle, because his hands were up in the air, and more importantly, the windows on his vehicle were closed. This is clearly obvious on the video.

Another thing that strikes me as strange. Since when does a vehicle stuck in the middle of the road deserve, or warrant such a massive police response anyway?

The Police did note that no weapons were found on Terence’s person or vehicle. Considering that Terence’s hands were up and he was no threat who gives a fuck if he has 274 weapons inside his vehicle and 7 weapons hidden upon his person. He was still obviously no threat to the police, considering that his hands were up in the air.

The Police Officers statements, and the videos obviously don’t match reality.

In the end, Terence Crutcher lay on the ground for two entire minutes before the Police came over and started rendering aid, by then it was too late. Terence Crutcher would die from his gunshot wounds.

Evidently, the female Police Officer needed comforting more then the man laying on the pavement with his lifes blood flowing out of him until he had no more to give..

The State of Oklahoma, and the U.S. Justice Department are investigating this case, as well they should.

Did the Police over react out of fear?

Did this tragedy occur because of underlying prejudice?

Was it intentional?

Was it an accident?

Was it something else?

All these questions need to be answered and answered soon. Terence Cruthcer’s family and friends deserve an answer, The State of Oklahoma deserves an answer, And the entire American public deserves an answer as well.

For all those conservative right-wing nuts who call Black Lives Matter (BLM) a hate group, this is a smoke screen and couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t remember them standing for the injustice of unarmed black males being killed by Police Officers at a ratio of 3:1 over white males. They said the same thing about Martin Luther King Jr. as well. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now.  Get over it, just because it may be uncomfortable for you, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

Black Lives Matter stepped up and brought this injustice into the light. The rest of us need to stand up, pay attention and give all the support we can offer. This is not only the right thing to do, It is the American thing to do. We are all human beings and color has literally nothing to do with anything.

Lastly, for all the wing nuts who try to co-opt the Black Lives Matter message with such fucking nonsense as “All Lives Matter”, or “Police Lives Matter”, or whatever else, they are missing the entire fucking point.

Try telling the Susan G. Korman Breast Cancer Foundation that “All Cancers Matter”

If “All Lives Matter” was such a huge concern, why isn’t everyone, literally everyone, out in the streets, in mass protesting lack of affordable healthcare, poverty, lack of a living wage, injustice, and whatever else that affects all of us?

This bullshit has to stop, and it has to stop right now! If the black community doe’s not trust the Police, and the Police do not trust the black community, there will never be any justice or peace.

Don’t you get it? As a society, if one segment suffers, we all suffer. This would all stop literally right now if all Americans, Young, Old, Millennials, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native Americans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists,  and and everyone else in between took to the streets and peacefully protested, as well as contact their elected officials, and actually got involved in local matters. The message is simple in it’s simplicity, Just demand equal justice for all.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not Anti-Police, not at all. There are many, many, outstanding Police Officers across the country that go way  above and beyond the call of duty. These fine Police Officers deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded for their fine work.

However, There is a such thing as the “Blue Wall of Silence”. The blue wall of silence, also blue code and blue shield, are terms used in the United States to denote the unwritten rule that exists among Police Officers not to report on a colleague’s errors, misconducts, or crimes, including police brutality.

All it takes is for there to be only one or two bad cops on the entire police force for the community they serve to perceive that all the Police Officers to be bad.

If you see something – say something, should apply to Police Officers as well. Believe me if they did, their lives and everyone else’s life would be a hell of lot easier.

People, this is really stupidly obvious….. Some people should not be doing certain jobs, especially ones that requires you to carry a firearm and enforce the law.

If you are xenophobic, racist, bigoted, trigger happy or drunk with power, you should not be a Police Officer. Just as certain personality traits would preclude you from being a doctor, soldier or lawyer.

Seriously, think about that for a minute.

Whatever happened to the motto of Police Departments everywhere, to protect and serve?

{UPDATE} District Attorney Stephen Kunzweiler announced on Thursday, 09/22/2016, “In the matter of the death of Terence Crutcher, I determined that the filing of the felony crime of manslaughter in the first degree against Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby is warranted,” Kunzweiler said.

As Always,

I Am,

Tom Dye, The Safety Guy

When Did Lying Become The Acceptable Norm In American Society?

Written By: Tom Dye the Safety Guy - Sep• 18•16

When Did Lying Become The Acceptable Norm In American Society?

I don’t know about you, but when I was a child growing up lying was considered a fairly serious offense. When my kids were growing up, lying to us was still a fairly serious offense.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, when I was a child if I could lie to my parents, and get away with it about my “certain activities”, e.g.- grades, where I was, and what I was actually doing. In these cases I certainly would lie, if I thought I could get away with it.

I lied it to protect my own self interests. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a well-defined penalty if my parents did found out that I was lying. There certainly was, and the punishment was always worse than if I had just told the truth in the first place. I raised my children the same way. The truth is always worse then lying about it. Period! There are no, and’s, if’s, or but’s, about it. Lying was unacceptable. Basically, If I owned up to it, I was far better off then lying about it.

Somehow, everything has changed in the last several years.

Today, lying has become the new normal. What was once taboo, is now the accepted societal norm.

What the hell is wrong with everybody?

Let’s look at a few examples;

People lie on their resumes all the time. I have had several discussions with Human Resources professionals and they confirm that this is a wide-spread phenomenon.

This is something that I never understood. Let’s look at this from my own specialized job skill. I have been doing the same sort of job for over twenty years now. Certainly, I have done a lot in my time, and my resume reflects that.

If I was going to apply for a job that paid a lot more than I was making now, I could just pad my resume with skills and experiences that I don’t actually have right? I mean I can learn just about anything I need to know on the internet, just like everybody else. But, what if they asked me to do this one made up skill, on day one? Then I would obviously fail, and my credibility as well as my employment status from then on would be called into question.

Politicians like Donald Trump, and others lie all the time. Doe’s anyone on the media call him out on his lies? Rarely.  It used to be that if a politician blatantly lied, the media crucified him or her for it.

Not this time around. Somehow Donald Trump telling blatant ties is somehow acceptable, and furthermore, his supporters don’t even care. What is wrong with everyone?

The politicians and their surrogates lie, and we give them a free pass. The media lies, and we give them a free pass. Corporations, and CEO’s lie, and we give them a free pass.

What the hell is wrong with everyone?????

Obviously, we all have the right of free speech. This fact is indisputable.

Actually, there are two types of lies. There are those “little white lies” and there are those “liar, liar, pants on fire” type of lies. One is to protect the feelings of others, and one designed is to deceive everyone through false pretenses..

The  “Little White Lie” is just a small deception designed to protect the feelings of a particular person involved. E.g.- Why you were late, while you were actually out shopping for their birthday or anniversary present.

Or, your friend, spouse, or family member has just delivered a brand new newborn baby girl. Everyone gushes about how beautiful she is, but to you she looks just like a little old man dipped in 30 weight oil. Obviously, if you care for this person at all you are not going to exclaim, ” My God, That’s the ugliest baby I have ever seen”.  Unless, you don’t want to have any sort of personal relationship with this person ever again.

In these type of situations, it is far better to keep your real feelings to yourself.  Essentially, these since these lies actually don’t harm anyone, but they actually promote a certain peace and tranquility for all parties involved.

On the other hand, The liar, liar pants on fire, type blatant lies are very dangerous.

Donald Trump is a genius at these type of lies. Trump’s refrain of; Crooked Hillary, We are going to build a big beautiful wall and Mexico’s going to pay for it, I can’t release my tax returns because I’m being audited by the IRS, and I am going to deport 11 million illegal aliens, as well as the actual unemployment rate is 48%,  are all lies designed to deceive the public for nothing more than personal gain,

The problem with,  liar, liar pants on fire, type of blatant lies is that these are designed for personal or professional gain with absolutely no basis in fact. This type of lie is designed specifically to confuse others and to sway them to your  side of the argument by “false pretense” for personal, political, or financial gain.

The uneducated or uninformed are easily swayed by a charismatic personality repeating a lie so often that it somehow becomes the truth. When in reality, a lie is always a lie, no matter how often it is repeated.

I find this new normal of lying to be totally unacceptable. If someone is lying they should be called our for what it is. A blatant lie should be called out, and confronted in the quest for the universal truth.

Why we let these lies stand now is beyond me. It was wrong when I was young, It was wrong when my children were young, and it is still wrong now, no matter who is telling it.

Personally, I find it so much easier to just tell the truth, because I never have to remember the lies I told to who, and when.

If you want my support, and possibly sway my decision, your argument should be based on facts, and the sheer power of the truth and verifiable facts of your argument. If you lie to me, every other statement you make is automatically suspect.

If you can’t stand on the truth, then you have no business standing at all.

Think about it!

As Always,

I am,

Tom Dye, The Safety Guy


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