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Profound Revelations “Tales of the Absurd” is the first and foremost on-line magazine devoted entirely to intelligent and thought provoking, satire.

Profound Revelations features new original content which is published every; Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The magazine is broken down into three distinct sections.

Tales of the Absurd

Is our main feature section of the magazine and is unique in the fact that all of the stories, analysis, commentary and essays, that we publish are loosely derived from actual “news headlines”  found on the major news websites.  These news headlines were ones that we found to be absolutely absurd or misleading.  Of course, an absurd headline literally begs for an equally absurd story line. With that being said,  we took these absurd headlines and substituted our own story line, analysis, and commentary.

Trust me, when I say that our story line may, or may not, (well… actually, mostly not) be based upon any of the actual facts, of the original story.


Is our collection of original stories and essays.

Snarky Comments

Are short snarky commentary on actual absurd or misleading headlines. These headlines did not quite make the cut to be transformed into Tales of the Absurd, but they still deserved our undivided attention.


The eclectic minds at Profound Revelations, boldly ask the questions that you were afraid to ask and didn’t think you wanted to know, until now.  So, sit back, take your shoes off, make yourself at home and enjoy.


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Tom Dye, The Safety Guy

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