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Disgruntled Beaver trashes Dollar Store After Discovering Trees Are Fake!

Disgruntled Beaver trashes Dollar Store After Discovering Trees Are Fake!

Charlotte Hall, Maryland – This is a sad but true story. You really can’t make this stuff up.

A Beaver, yes a real Beaver, you know the furry kind with buck-teeth and a flat tail wandered into a Dollar Store in Charlotte Hill, Maryland, looking for a real Christmas tree to make the holidays a little more cheerful for her Beaver family.

Photo, courtesy of The St. Mary's Sheriff's Office

Photo, courtesy of The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

Seriously, This is one Beaver that I actually understand, and I fully support. We’ve all been there. You go into a local Dollar Store searching for that one item that will really make your family smile during the holiday season, only to discover that everything available is anything but that perfect item that you’re looking for. To make matters worse, anything you can find turns out to be nothing more than a cheap Chinese knock-off of the real thing.

Truth be told, all of us should be supporting Beavers. Beaver’s have it far worse the anyone of us can imagine. Climate change, deforestation, as well as, illegal tree poaching and not to mention Federal logging restriction’s, meant that there were virtually no “REAL” Christmas trees to be found anywhere near Mrs. Beaver’s family lodge and surrounding community along the river.

Unfortunately, this sad story is not just an isolated incident involving Mrs. Beaver, her community and especially her immediate family. This tragic scenario is happening right now at virtually every Beaver lodge, and to every Beaver family, across the entire country.

This dire situation has made it almost impossible for poor Beaver families to live any kind of normal existence. Sadly, nobody is standing up and advocating for Beavers rights. I am not just advocating for only Mrs. Beaver and her family. Oh no!,

I am advocating for all Beavers, young, old, and in-between. I am not just going to stand idly by while the Beavers entire existence is being threatened. I intend on righting this wrong, right here, right now.

Let me just say right now, I love Beavers, I support Beavers, and my intention is to bring their plight to the attention of the media, and anyone else who will listen.

So, back to our story….. Poor Mrs. Beaver walked all the way into town from the far away woods near, the river, in the freezing cold. Before you even ask, obviously, Mrs. Beaver walked into town because as everyone knows Beavers can’t drive because they are way too short, and can’t reach the brake, or gas pedal.

After a 3 1/2 hour perilous journey all the way into the closest town, all the while dodging poachers, oncoming traffic, and other close calls with serious injury, or even death, Mrs. Beaver finally arrived at the Charlotte Hall, Dollar Store. She was a very determined Beaver.

Mrs. Beaver knew exactly what she was looking for, she had been dreaming of, and skimping, and saving, all year-long just to buy a nice, Douglas Fir, or Blue Spruce, “REAL” Christmas tree. This year-long sacrifice was just to surprise the kids, and she was determined to give them the very best Christmas they ever had, she rushed into the store and headed straight to the Christmas aisle.

Photo courtesy of The St. Mary's Sheriff's Office

Photo courtesy of The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

As Mrs. Beaver was perusing the selection of Christmas trees, checking every box and label, she slowing came to the realization that her entire journey, as well as a full year’s worth of skimping and saving for this very moment, was all for nothing.

WTF???? She now realized that everything she had hoped and dreamed of was just one big retail Christmas con-job. You see there were no “REAL Christmas trees. The only Christmas trees to be found were nothing more than cheap, plastic, Chinese knock-off’s of real wood Christmas trees. Obviously, Beavers are experts on trees. Mrs. Beaver wasn’t fooled, not for even a moment.

When the realization slowly set in that everything she had been dreaming of was never going to happen, the mild-mannered Mrs. Beaver suddenly just snapped. In a fit of rage, she started trashing everything in her path.

Photo courtesy of: The St. Mary's Sheriff's Office

Photo courtesy of: The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

Terrified shoppers ran out of the store in a panic, store employees locked themselves inside the back storeroom, and eventually, somebody called 911, and The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department responded.

Mrs. Beaver was apprehended and immediately arrested and jailed without bond.

For a lot of us, this would be the end of the story, but not for Mrs. Beaver, this is where her story actually begins……

Once Mrs. Beaver was hauled off to jail and denied bail by the judge, the 24-hour cable news media picked up her story. Her story was just as quickly shared on FaceBook, and Twitter, and re-shared hundreds of thousands of times. It didn’t take long before thousands of people around the country were demanding the immediate release of Mrs. Beaver.  When the local Sheriff declined, hundreds of people soon began to descend upon the small town of Charlotte Hall, MD.

It soon became apparent to the local small town Law Enforcement that they had made a serious mistake. You see, Mrs. Beaver is a North American Beaver and one of the original Native Americans. North American Beavers have been a beloved symbol of wisdom and benevolence in Native American folklore for centuries.

Mrs. Beaver’s only crime being that she was poor and distraught because she couldn’t find a single “real” American Christmas tree for her family for the holidays. Mrs. Beaver, in her utter despair and frustration, caused $3.67 worth of damage to merchandise inside the Dollar Store. People from all walks of life, from all over the country,  felt an immediate connection to Mrs. Beavers frustration, and unjust incarceration.

Soon, hundreds of Beaver supporters came streaming into town, demanding justice for Mrs. Beaver. The  protesters organized a march starting from the Beaver community on the edge of town, all the way to the jail, retracing Mrs. Beavers steps during her arduous journey into town. As the hundreds of protesters marched into town singing songs and carrying signs mostly saying “Beavers Lives Matter, “Free the Beaver”  and “Shame on you for locking up the Beaver” their numbers swelled with every passing hour until their numbers far surpassed the number of local town residents.

As the hundreds of protesters marched into town singing songs and carrying signs mostly saying “Beavers Lives Matter, “Free the Beaver”  and “Shame on you for locking up the Beaver” their numbers swelled with every passing hour until their numbers far surpassed the number of town residents..

Of course, there were also a few counter protesters yelling “Lock her up” and holding signs saying “Eat the Beaver” and “The only good Beaver is a bald Beaver”. However, these counter-protesters soon felt overwhelmed quickly dispersed into the holes from wherever they came from.

The Charlotte Hall Mayor and Town Council soon called an emergency meeting and voted unanimously to immediately release Mrs. Beaver and drop all charges against her. A kindly benefactor even paid the $3.67 in damages that were incurred at the Dollar Store.

As soon as Mrs. Beaver appeared at the front door of the Courthouse, now a free Beaver, a huge cheer, and applause arose from the crowd. After a few tearful words of thanks to her supporters, she was immediately hoisted up onto the shoulders of one of the protesters and carried all the way back to her families lodge along the river in the forest outside of town. The hundreds of protesters followed her back to her lodge all the while weeping tears of joy and singing songs.

And then…. rounding the last turn into Mrs. Beavers community of lodges, and canals along the river, still perched atop the shoulders of the protester only known as Big Bill, and followed by hundreds of her supporters, directly in front of her was a breathtaking sight.

Where there were no Christmas trees to be found as far as the eye could see now stood hundreds.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Unbeknownst to Mrs. Beaver, while she was unjustly incarcerated, hundreds of Christmas trees were donated and delivered to the Beaver community from as far away as California, Maine, and even Canada.

The entire Beaver community turned out for Mrs. Beavers triumphant return. There were many joyful tears, with songs, and dancing, well into the early morning hours. Not to mention the good food and drink for all.

As the sun slowly rose from the East, Mrs. Beaver gazed into the early morning light, and finally came to the realization she was exactly where she belonged and her life would never be the same again… and that too is exactly how it was meant to be.

As Always…

I Am,

Tom Dye, The Safety Guy


This News Commentary is an original work of satire,  from Tom Dye, The Safety Guy. 

The original news story that inspired this article can be found — “HERE”.

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S.O.S. From Florida, The Snowbirds Have Arrived!

S.O.S. From Florida, The Snowbirds Have Arrived!

It’s already too late for us full-time Floridians, but as Tom Dye, The Safety Guy, I am making this selfless sacrifice, so you can save yourselves. DON’T COME TO FLORIDA! IT’S NOT SAFE! For God’s sake heed this message.

Save yourself, your children, friends, and family. Please, Please, Please, don’t make my ultimate sacrifice to you be for nothing. Enough innocent lives have been lost already.

You see the Snowbirds have landed in Florida. I am not talking about regular birds e.g. – Crows, Egrets, Seagulls, etc. We can handle any of our flying avian friends,

OH NO…I am talking about literally million’s of  “elderly people” descending upon Florida between Thanksgiving and Easter. These part-time Florida residents are commonly known as “Snowbirds”. For whatever reason, this snowbird season is far worse than ever before. Normally, all of us regular full-time Floridian’s encounter a few snowbird’s every day in a normal snowbird season. This year we are encountering literally dozens every single day.

Please read this article and pass it on, your life may very well depend upon it.

You see my friends, you have to understand, there are three types of residents in Florida:

First, There are “Native Floridians” who were born and raised in Florida. These people make up about 1 in 4 Floridians or about 25% of the population.

Second, there are “Florida Transplants”. I fall intro this category. I moved to Florida from the Northeast in 2001, and have lived here “full-time” ever since. Florida transplants make up about 50% percent of the population.

Third, there are the dreaded “Snowbirds”. These are the retired and elderly that only live here only during the winter months from roughly Thanksgiving until Easter.

It is these dreaded retiree’s, or elderly migrant’s commonly referred to as “Snowbirds” that descend upon Florida in the Winter months like a plague of 17-year locusts, destroying everything in their path, and in their inexorable migration, kill or maim, full-time, Floridians by the scores.

Let me just say right off the bat, before you start sending me hate mail. I have nothing against the elderly or retirees. As a matter of fact, my parents are elderly and retired, and I love them very much. Snowbirds are an entirely different animal. Just hear me out.

First of all, you have to understand that snowbirds come from all over, including such exotic locations, e.g.- Quebec, Michigan, Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, etc.

I am seriously not kidding when I say that many of these snowbirds drive so poorly, that all I can imagine is a trail of death and destruction all the way from Michigan or other exotic locales all the way to Florida.

I have extensive experience with this dangerous Florida phenomenon. You see I actually have to drive 65 miles each way to work, five days a week. Normally, my drive is fairly uneventful. It normally takes me about 1 -1/2 hours to get to work, but I have my coffee and NPR on the radio to keep me company. So, for most of the year, everything’s good.

Then comes the dreaded months between Thanksgiving and Easter. That’s when the real horror begins. Over the last couple of years, I have become a very keen observer of other drivers around me, especially “Florida Snowbirds”.

The very fact that I am still alive is the real testament to my sharply honed Florida-white-haired wrinkled zombie survival skills.

Out of necessity, most of us regular-full-time-Florida drivers have all developed really keen snowbird survival instincts. We all practice these skills year round. Let me try to explain.

First of all, driving is always a challenge here in Florida, posted speed limits, are just a suggestion. No one seems to know what turn signals are, and other drivers regularly cut in front of you. Basically, my daily commute mostly entails, driving, driving, driving, stop, stop, stop, and occasionally hitting the brakes really hard. Just another day in my life.

But, when the snowbirds flock to Florida everything suddenly changes.

Essentially, my morning commute doesn’t change at all. I mean I have my coffee and NPR on the radio. Everything is exactly as it should be. Thankfully, snowbirds are still sleeping between the hours of 5:00 AM and 6:30 AM. Life seems perfectly normal.

The real terror begins when I begin my drive home at 3:30 PM. Suddenly, many of the Real-Full-Time- Floridians that I would normally share the road with have been replaced with hundreds of Florida Snowbirds!

No one knows exactly why the snowbirds suddenly feel compelled to get in their cars and mass migrate to the highways during rush hour.  I know that many Floridians believe that its the-sweet-sirens-call of the “early bird special” that perfectly explains the mass snowbird highway migration. I personally believe that only explains part of their unusual behavior. I also believe that snowbirds also possess a subconscious desire to reign chaos, death, and destruction upon the rest of us, but who knows, it could be something else entirely.

The only thing I do know for sure is when the snowbirds descend upon Florida roads, my regular 1.5-hour daily commute suddenly becomes 2 hours, 2.5 hours, or even more of pure terror.

Beginning at exactly 3:00 PM on the dot, multitudes snowbirds suddenly hit the road. Like locusts, these white-haired-wrinkled-zombies, driving Buicks, Cadillacs, and Lincolns suddenly descend on the roads during rush-hour traffic at the very same time that thousands of us regular-full-time-Floridians are making our way home from work, or school.

These snowbirds are actually a sight to behold., and if you’re not paying very close attention, it may well be the very last thing you will ever see. Many of my friends and colleagues have been victims of the dreaded part-time snowbird drivers, some survived the encounter, some sadly, did not.

Florida snowbirds have several distinctive traits. First, they have all shrunk down to 5 feet tall or less. If you see a car in front of you that appears to be driverless because the drivers head is below the headrest then beware it may be a snowbird.

Secondly, snowbirds always wear these very dark, wrap- around, virtual reality looking sunglasses. They drive bolt upright very close to the steering wheel, and look straight ahead, and never, ever, look side to side.

Lastly, snowbirds usually drive with a turn signal flashing for miles, and miles, and will always be driving at least twenty miles an hour slower than everyone else on the road. It seems benign enough until you realize that when a snowbird decides they need to randomly change lanes, they will, suddenly, and without any warning, regardless if anyone is in the way or not.

As I stated previously, regular-full-time-Floridians out of sheer necessity have a tendency to drive just a tad too fast. Well, to be perfectly honest we drive really fast. You can stop your holier-than-thou judgment of us right now! If you had to share the road with snowbirds for several months out of the year, and actually survived, you would understand why we drive fast.

You really have to try and understand, we only drive really fast, and reckless just so we can get off the frigging highway-death-derby, as quickly as humanly possible. The lucky ones among us arrive home safely to our family and loved ones.  Of course, we have to do it all over again, the very next workday.

For literally five months out of the year, all of us, regular-full-time-Floridians are forced to play some sort of a sick cosmic version of highway-death-derby, or in other words, death by Florida snowbirds.

You have all seen the NEWS reports of an”allegedly” confused elderly Florida snowbird who “accidentally” hits the gas instead of the brakes and suddenly plows through a home or business or even a large crowd of people. This scenario plays out literally every single year.

Is this an act of a confused elderly snowbird? I THINK NOT!!! This is what the snowbirds would lead us to believe anyway. In reality, the truth is much, much, much,  more insidious. This is actually a cold, calculated act, designed to eliminate as many of us, regular-fill-time-Florida-residents as possible.

In order for you to more fully understand exactly what I am talking about, let me describe my typical death race afternoon commute during a typical day during the snowbird season here in Florida. These events happened just this afternoon.

My personal death race vehicle of choice is my, 2006 Mercedes-Benz, C230 Sport. This vehicle is equipped with a 201 hp V-6 engine, it’s comfortable, nimble and has great acceleration, standard cruise control, adaptive automatic transmission and is equipped with awesome anti-lock brakes.

My daily commute home is about 50% fast city driving on three lane highly congested roads and 50% high-speed highway driving. Unfortunately, the Florida snowbirds have already been on the roads for 30 minutes before I even leave the parking lot at work.

Once I leave the parking lot, my usual driving strategy is to stick to the center lane as much as possible because I believe that this gives me the most options. I can quickly shift to either to the left or right as necessary to keep moving.

The secret to snowbird survival is to pay really close attention to the randomly shifting traffic patterns in front of you at all times and to look as far ahead as possible. Normally, the traffic is similar to a highly choreographed ballet with traffic randomly shifting left and right, cutting in front of you and stopping suddenly.

It doesn’t take very long before I encounter my first of many snowbirds.  Abruptly, the traffic pattern changes. All of a sudden everyone is suddenly moving in the same direction, either to the left or right. And that’s when I know, even though I can’t see them yet…there is a snowbird somewhere up ahead like a slow-moving object in a sea of fast-moving cars and trucks that is ready to reign chaos upon the rest of us.

I have only seconds to make my move. As soon as there is an opening next to me that is my own car length plus three inches, I make my move. I swerve over the same direction as everyone else and rocket ahead. And it doesn’t long  before I can see just up ahead. That driverless car, blinker on, barely moving against the flow of traffic. As I zoom past at blinding speed, and before they can suddenly and without warning turn into my car, I get just a glimpse of the dark virtual reality sunglasses and white hair of the snowbird driver.

Sliding back into my preferred center lane I have a few moments to reflect upon the disaster averted until the next encounter that will surely occur in the in the next few minutes.

You see my friends, for those regular full-time Floridians that are not as skilled at snowbird defensive driving techniques as I am, the dreaded snowbird encounter turns out entirely differently.

As all the traffic is suddenly shifting in the same directions these poor smucks wait too long or are too scared to make their move. Suddenly, right in front of them, there is a slow-moving snowbird that forces them to slam on their brakes to less than 20 miles below the speed limit. As they look into their rear-view mirror they realize to their horror that it’s already way too late. Every single car behind them as far as the eye can see is already shifting over, and zooming past, creating a solid wall of cars leaving them with absolutely no place to go.

Now, not only is there a slow-moving, random lane changing snowbird, right in front of them but now they are also trapped in the snowbirds slow-moving alternate reality as well. In the best case scenario, it is now going to take at least several minutes before a break in the traffic will allow them to finally pass the snowbird, That is if they are lucky.

In the worst case scenario, the Florida snowbird will execute one of their erratic lane changes right in front of them, hit some random regular Florida driver next to them, and cause a multi-car accident. Of course, this leaves the poor unskilled driver stuck behind, or worse yet, involved in the multi-car accident with no place to go. This poor driver just bought him or herself another two or three hours minimum added to their commute home.

These and similar scenarios are repeated multiple times a day, every single day during my daily commute home.

I am really looking forward to Easter when the snowbirds finally go back from where they came from. Only then, can I relax in the knowledge that I survived another Florida snowbird season.

As my parting words to I strongly encourage you to stay away from Florida during snowbird season, it’s dangerous and not safe at all. Believe me, it’s not worth risking your life.

If you absolutely have to come to Florida, heed these words, Stay off the roads after 3:00 PM and until after sunset. You see there is a little-known fact that you must be made aware of……

Snowbird-white-haired-wrinkled-zombies  have one weakness that can be exploited for your own survival. You see, snowbirds suffer from night-blindness, and won’t, or can’t drive after dark.

Remember this, and you just may live to see another day.


As Always,

I Am…

Tom Dye, The Safety Guy

This is an original work of satire,  from Tom Dye, The Safety Guy. 

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Dogs, The Four Legged Spies Amongst Us! (Part 2)

Dogs, The Four Legged Spies Amongst Us! (Part 2)

In case you missed Part 1 of this continuing series you can read it here, Dogs Part 1

As I previously discussed in Part 1, of Dogs, The Four-Legged Spies Amongst Us, If you think you really know your dog, that faithful loving canine companion, then you have been deceived. Trust me, your dog is not who you think he or she is at all, Your canine companion is actually one of the greatest charlatans on the planet and right now is watching your every move. But why, and who are they reporting to?

In this installment, I am going to focus on how;

Dogs use humans as tools!

That’s right, as far as dogs are concerned, humans are nothing more than useful tools to be used to get whatever they want. That’s right humans are nothing more than stupid unwitting tools, no more important than a shovel, rake, or lawnmower. Every day we are at our dog’s beck and call. The worst part is we don’t even seem to notice, or even care.

Believe me when I say that what I am about to disclose to you may be shocking and I fully understand that your first thought is going to be, OH NO, this can’t possibly be true. I know it’s uncomfortable for you to hear the truth, but if you have the strength to keep reading, you too will be convinced. Please bear with me as this information is life changing, so please keep an open mind.

I have a dog and his name is Homer, at least that what I call him, what his real name is, I have no way of knowing. In case you forgot, this is Homer.



I first became aware of Homer’s real intentions some time ago. It was a whole bunch of little things, small things that at the time seemed totally insignificant.  But as these little things started to add up, it came to me in a flash. I was not actually in charge, In reality, Homer was.

Let’s start with the most basic of your dog’s behavior and work our way up from there.

Your Dog enthusiastically licks your face because he is so very happy to see you, and loves you so very much. Right?

WRONG! Considering that 30 seconds before you got home your dog may very well have been licking his or, her own butt, the cat’s butt, or even the guinea pigs butt. As soon as you get home your dog feels obligated to enthusiastically lick your face like you have been gone for a year. Did you ever notice that funny odor on your dog’s breath? Now you know why.

Dog’s don’t lick your face because they are so happy to see you, they lick your face because they know you like it. You have just been conned, and you are blissfully unaware of it.

Snap out of it! Here’s an experiment you can try for yourselves. Trust me you will come around to my point of view after trying this in the privacy of your own home.

  • You come home from a long day of work or shopping and what is the first thing your dog does? Why lick on the face of course. Just try to remember what he or she was licking right before you got home. Remember, what I said about that funky dog breath?
  • Next, if you have a small dog pick them up. Or if you have a large dog, don’t let them off the couch or wherever. When they want to get down what do they do? That’s right, they lick you on the face until you relent, and let them go. Once again, you have been conned.
  • Here’s another example. Your dog decides that it’s dinner time and you’re not moving fast enough for his or her liking. Think about it, you just spent 8 hours at work in another grueling day at the office and your faithful dog was home alone sleeping most of the day with short breaks for barking at the squirrels, innocent passersby, the mailman, licking the cat’s butt or whatever.  So what’s a dog to do? Most dog’s alternate between running back and forth between their food bowl, and you. barking all the while. What happens if you don’t move fast enough? That’s right, they jump up and lick you on the face.

Dogs destroy things on purpose!

  • Or here’s a classic psychological ploy that your loving dog uses to its advantage. You leave the house for a few minutes, and in the meantime, your dog purposefully chews up your shoes, the furniture, the new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, or whatever. You come home and discover the destruction. You scold your dog, and it looks remorseful for like a minute and then jumps up and start licking your face, and you just melt. Once again you have been conned.

Your Dog uses you as a tool to get what they want!

  • And lastly, like most of us dog lovers, your dog has several toys. Of course, there are the stuffed toys with the squeaker inside that your dog has already surgically removed within the first two minutes. Good thing we don’t have a squeaker inside of us, or we would have already been eviscerated and the squeaker surgically removed without anesthesia.

Whether it be a stuffed squeaker toy or a ball, what happens when they end up under the couch where your dog can’t reach them?   That’s right. Your dog runs back and forth between you and the offending piece of furniture as well as jumping up and licking you in the face. This only serves one purpose. Your dog is telling you to get your ass off the couch and get it’s freaking toy, and you do it willingly. You know I’m right!

Since I don’t want to cause you to go into information overload, I am going to end part 2 of Dogs, the four-legged spies amongst us, right here.

I want you to think about what you have learned and keep an open mind. Do your homework and pay attention. The truth of my words will become more apparent with each passing day.

We have already discussed in Part 1,  how your dog watches your every move. Now is the time for you to start watching them with new eyes.

In the next installment of Dogs, The Four Legged Spies Amongst Us, I will be discussing how; “Dogs Are Sneaky”. So stay tuned for more important information.

Until next time,

As Always,

I Am…

Tom Dye, The Safety Guy


“Dogs The Four Legged Spies Amongst Us”, is an original work of satire by Tom Dye, The Safety Guy.

If you want to contribute to the next installment of Dogs, The Four Legged Spies Amongst us, go to the Contact Us page and fill out the contact form. I will email you instructions on where to send your submission and your dog’s photo.


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